AI Automation

It is a fact that any workflow involving human interaction increases the likelihood of the introduction of errors – which can add up to a ton of elapsed time and costs – but also it is less efficient than an automated one.

Example OTINGA’s automation using AI tools and programmes:

What’s your automation goal?

Email Response
A powerful tool designed to help busy professionals save time and streamline their email communication. Our platform uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to generate thoughtful email responses that accurately convey the main point you would like to communicate in your emails.
Data analysis & population

Our unique gap analysis approach, enables your organisation to adopt new technologies purely created around your business needs. Any task that requires manual and repetitive intervention, can be fully automated delivering better results and within seconds.

Invoices, orders, trades, and data reconciliation

We can streamline, optimise, and fully automatise your company’s daily BAU operations minimising risk, saving time, and reducing costs.

Lead capture

Capture leads effortlessly with our AI-powered automation services.  OTINGA specialises in implementing intelligent systems that streamline lead capture, nurturing, and conversion. Maximise your sales potential and save time with our customised solutions.







IT & Tecnology


Real-life results and revenue

See how companies like yours have smashed their sales success goals

Equivalent Output

Using OTINGA is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve seen our productivity explode, and the outlook just keeps getting sunnier.

Nellie Foster

Nellie Foster

Founder & CEO, Foster Business Strategies

Customer Satisfaction

OTINGA has dramatically improved our company costumer’s satisfaction. We are now able to provide 24/7 customer service and proactively be on top of any query and issue that our clients have.  

Lawrence Gibbs

Lawrence Gibbs

Digital Marketing Director